VMS Portal is a paperless process to:

  • Manage Expert Events
  • Generate Invoice
  • Monthly Invoice sheet correction (Va0002a)
  • Review & Submit Invoice
  • Single invoice generation
  • Editorial SPOC
  • Editorial Head
  • Finance
  • Feature of Visitor Management System

    Receptionist Dashboard:

    • Finance Dashboard Consists of
    • Personal Profile
    • Event History
    • Expert Master
    • Visitor On-board

    Personal Profile

    Personal Profile consists of:

    • Name
    • Date of birth
    • Gender
    • Contact Details
    • Mobile
    • Email
    • Documents: For Upload

    Event History

    Find Event:

    • To view the history of the events with status.
    • Unique event id mapped with every expert event and host.
    • If completed then Event in Time and Event End Time will display.

    Expert Master

    • The receptionist will click on Expert Master Tile to display the list of experts with their service type
    • On click of pending, the experts with pending rate master requests will appear.

    Visitor On-board

    • The receptio With on click of the Visitor On-board tile, the list of experts will display with their image and expert id
    • The event list will be displayed from the current date to the next 2 days.
    • The expert master can be displayed with the click of the RED CARD in the action button. Also, it will be editable with one click of a pencil.
    • Event details can be viewed with one click of the watch button in the Action

    Add New Expert

    New experts can start the registration by clicking on ADD NEW EXPERT button:

    • Permanent Address (Mandatory)
    • sitor Identification:
    • PAN CARD (Mandatory)
    • GSTN (If available)
    • ADHAR (Mandatory)
    • PHOTO (Mandatory)

    Maintain Rate Master

    • After a new vendor push from SAP or new expert registration, SPOC will receive the email to maintain the rate master.
    • visitor Identification:
    • The SPOC will log in with his received login details and click Approve Rate tile. Click on it and maintain:
    • Start date
    • Service type
    • Rate
    • Remarks (If required) and click Approve Button

    Approve Rate Master (Four types)

    • Approve Rate Master –Editorial Head.
    • Approve Rate Master –Finance.
    • Approve Finance Master.
    • Invoice Generation.

    Invoice Approval

    • Invoice approval takes place in three-level.
    • First Level.
    • Second Level.
    • Third.

    Vendor Invoice Parking

    • After approval of the invoice from Finance SPOC, the invoice will be posted by clicking on the choose button on the entry and then the post button.