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I-BRIDGE allows you to create courses step by step. This E-Learning platform serves the learning and training needs of all type of people and organzations. It is flexible and easy to use because it provides personalized learning environment.


Geodrive provides awesome features for creating online courses and lessons

Content Creation

It allows the instructor to create content and use web tools to embed file from online or offline sources. User can easily create, update and modify the courses by its own.

  • Easy step by step creation of content.
  • Add or embed video, audio, ppt, word documents and pdf files easily.
  • Protect your created content.
  • Calendar option to manage course activities.

Powerful Dashboard

I-bridge provides a customized and flexible dashboard. Its simplicity is the plus point which makes it more user friendly.

  • Live streaming
  • Create digital assessments and custom reports easily
  • Compatible with every device
  • Download eBooks
  • Interact with each other
  • Live chat

Online Assignments

One of the most important aspect of student life – Assignments. With I-bridge provide evaluate each and every student based on their performance.

  • Create question bank in pdf, word, ppt forms
  • Embed videos or online content.
  • External links
  • Interactive activities

Offline Learning

Offline support available for the user who was absent or couldn’t attend the class due to any reason. He can get the study material of that day without any difficulty.

  • Provide video lectures to absentees
  • Download option available
  • Mail or message doubts
  • Interact with other students

Parent Control

Home is the first school but now school is in Laptops, Tablets and mobiles. Due to this, parents can easily know about their children study plan or records.

  • Track students grade book and progress report
  • Interreact with teachers through chat or video call
  • Students notes and assignments linking

Teachers Control

I-Bridge providing several easily interactive and compatible dashboard for the teachers. Where they can maintain their daily records.

  • Attendance records
  • Access timetables
  • Generate online tests
  • Create pool of questions

I-Bridge for Organization

I-Bridge is very useful in delivering and organizing skill developments within your organization. Our LMS’s sophisticated and intuitive features to meet the needs of modern organizations.

  • Seamless Training
  • Content Management
  • Accessible
  • Integration
  • Reporting learning /training
  • Fully customized and scalable
  • Security
  • Feedback