Continuous transformation of business practice required to maintain business processes as per rules & regulations and meeting all compliances. To avoid any inappropriate business practice using ERP’s, Geodrive offering ERP audits to review current practice, find out gaps between current & expected practice and recommend area of concern by business can transform their practice for maximizing ROI on Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP/SAP).

#1. Implementation Review

Essential and high-Level practice that authenticates whether the implementation has been performed in an optimal manner that supports business needs.

#2. Business Audit

Business process reviewed and configured in the modules to make sure the key controls are in place for modules & components in the ERP system.

#3. Module Features Mapping

Features reviewed and configured in the modules and identify the missing features and functions of modules and components.

#4. ERP System Security Review

Geodrive ensures the system administrative component is configured correctly and the system is totally secured.